Miasto na wzg贸rzu 1x8 Online Lektor PL

High On The Looming Gallows Tree

Ogl膮daj ca艂y odcinek w naszym playerze, kt贸ry jest poni偶ej.

Jackie celebrates a win in front of the cameras but, behind closed doors, he reaches a new low. A shining moment from Decourcy promises a potential future in politics, but any pride Siobhan feels for her husband is squandered by an unexpected betrayal. The Grand Jury reconvenes, and this time Sheik doesn鈥檛 get off easily. Thanks to Signa鈥檚 detective work, the Ryan family is now under the watchful eye of the Suffolk DA.

Aug. 04, 2019
Udost臋pnione 127

Miasto na wzg贸rzu season 1

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